Menegakkan syiar korban di tanah air sendiri (Berita Harian, May 2023)

DALAM masyarakat Muslim, syiar Islam berdiri tegak sebagai lambang wujudnya Islam dan pengabdian orang Islam kepada Khaliqnya (Yang Mencipta).

Perintah Allah bahawa “barang siapa mengagungkan syiar-syiar Allah, maka sesungguhnya hal itu timbul daripada ketakwaan hati”. (Surah Al-Hajj, ayat 32).

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The one and only Qurban conducted in Singapore in conjunction with the Al Wehdah Arab Association (Berita Mediacorp, Jul 2022)

Regarding the collaboration of Aaliyah PTE LTD with Al Wehdah, Al Wehdah President, Haji Khalid Basharahil said: “For us, this is an extraordinary opportunity as there’s no other Qurban ceremony is being held across Singapore. So, when the operator met us for a discussion to hold it here, we gladly accept it. This is a very good opportunity.”
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Aidiladha | Eid Post-Pandemic in Singapore (Astro Awani, Jul 2022)

“Qurban is an Ibadah, cannot afford to have any mistakes at all.” – Managing Director of ISGN PTE LTD, Fadzuli Wahab spoke about how him and his team carried out the Qurban in Singapore during the pandemic.
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The first Qurban carried out in the slaughterhouse (Berita Mediacorp, Jul 2021)

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said the slaughtering at Hay Dairies was the first time in more than 20 years that was carried out in Singapore. Singapore’s last previous cattle and goat slaughterhouse closed in 1998. The sacrifice ceremony was previously performed inside the local mosques.
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Not your Usual Qurban (Berita Harian, Jul 2022)

Qurban.SG utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology to organize Qurban SG Challenge, where people can use mobile devices to place animals such as goats or cows in their surroundings as well as take photos or videos in a creative way.
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