Australian Sheep

Livestock imported from Australia. Witness the slaughtering of your Qurban, then collect fresh meat after butchering on the same day.

Premium Local

Hay Dairies Goat

Choose from a premium selection of American Nubian Goats, locally bred at Hay Dairies Farm. Feed your goat every week before the Qurban ritual.


In every Muslim community, the symbols of Islam stand upright as a representation of the existence of Islam and the devotion of Muslims to their Creator. However, one of the religious practices where the symbols of Islam face the risk of fading is the act of sacrifice (Qurban).

There was a time when Qurban was not carried out here but in other countries. This is heartbreaking, especially when we don’t have strong reasons to justify it.

Allah’s commandment states, “Whoever honors the symbols of Allah, indeed, it is from the piety of hearts” (Quran, Surah Al-Hajj, Verse 32).

This has motivated Aaliyah’s Pte Ltd to organize local qurban rituals, despite facing various challenges.

This year, for the third consecutive year, Aaliyah’s Pte Ltd will offer local live Qurban services, where the slaughtering will take place at Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang and Masjid Al-Firdaus.

1200 sheep will be imported from Australia and will be qurban entirely at Masjid Petempatan Sembawang over 3 days from 29th June, 30th June and 1st July 2023.

There will be 180 goats from Hay Dairies’ farm ( local ) to be qurban at Masjid Al-Firdaus over 2 days 29th June and 30th June 2023.


Type / DateTakenBalance
Australian Sheep
Day 1, 29th June 2023Fully Booked0
Day 2, 30th June 2023No slaughtering0
Day 3, 1st July 2023Fully Booked0
Hay Dairies' Goats
Day 1, 29th June 2023Fully Booked
Day 2, 30th June 202358Closed


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FAQ (Sohibul Qurban)

Who is organising Local Qurban Singapore 2023?
Aaliyah's Pte Ltd together with its supporting partners and Alta Food and Agriculture Pte Ltd has been awarded as the service provider for the provision of Live Qurban Services during Aidiladha 2023. We are pleased to share that we are the only service provider to have been awarded for it for this year.
What if I cannot witness and collect my Qurban meat?

The Qurban will still be performed on the name you provide in your order. The meat will be distributed to the needy and volunteers from the Qurban operations.

How many people can go to the Viewing Area together with the Sohibul Qurban to witness the slaughtering?

There can only be 3 people including the Sohibul Qurban to witness the slaughtering. Children are not allowed in the Viewing Area.

When is Aidiladha 2023?

10 Zulhijjah falls on the 29 June this year and Qurban is allowed to be performed up till the 3rd Tasyrik day, 2 July.

How much meat can I collect?

From the Australian Sheep, you can collect around 15 - 18 kg of meat.

From the Premium Local Hay Dairies Goat, you can collect around 30 - 42 kg of meat.

We advise you to collect the whole portion. Should you choose to collect just 1/3 or 2/3 of it, the remaining will be distributed to the needy and volunteers from the Qurban operations.

What time do I report to the Masjid to witness the Qurban and to collect the meat?

You will be notified via email by 27 June 2023 on the time to report. Please contact us if you don't receive it.

Can I put more than one name for Qurban?

Yes you can, however, there is a 40 character word limit in our online form. You may wish to consider: Muhammad Ridzuan and Family.